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Conscious Hotels

How did Conscious begin?

It started when Marco's wife had their daughter Giulia. Marco got worried about their baby's future. The planet was in pretty bad shape and business had to change. So Sam and Marco started looking for positive alternatives for the business they both knew inside out - hotels. They dreamed a little. They thought a lot. The two of them wanted fully sustainable hotels. They wanted stylish contemporary interiors. They wanted total comfort. They wanted healthy food choices. They wanted playful touches. They wanted Holland to win the World Cup but that didn't happen. 

They wanted a lot, frankly. Lots of other stuff went on that we don't have time to go into here but, eventually, Conscious was born.

Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. But they're more hip than hippy. And by hip we don't mean our staff are too cool to answer the phone. 

You might not even notice some of our 'green' decisions because we just quietly get on with being kind to the planet in the background. We think you're okay about that. 

We offer you a few choices that might even make saving the planet fun (yes, fun, imagine that). And keep you healthy. 

Hip, friendly, green & fun.


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